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I had written the story before because God had given grace to us today.
But now I want to share something that came straight from Jim.
I was sitting at my computer doing my classes, watching a movie, looking for an apartment in Providence, and shopping for movies like "The Bible - in the beginning by John Houston and here comes Jim with his new heart for God and he said to me, "Here I am to encourage you, let you talk, fix you some food or whatever you want." I started laughing and hugging and kissing him because what we had gone through before, he wanted me to know that he is there for me "WHATEVER" I need, he is my everything.
Jim is my hero and I have many but he doesn't like much change yet he was willing to sit and be whatever I need. That is a man with a new heart for God.

The women of today are so strong in their thinking, fearce in therir worshiip of God and gentile with their wonderful, beautiful children.  They are women of faith, trust and hope in God.  They are also abused, downhearted and hopeless.  These women are the Website Wonder Women of the Millennium 2020.

So many changes have happened since the first century Church of Christ that I could never tell it all but I can tell you that the women back then were the same women as today.  They have their problems in their lives.  One may have a husband who beats her but she is in the hands of God.  His arm is not too short to save surely his ear is not too short to hear and he is able to change so many lives with his mouth.  He speaks things into existance.  He loves you so talk to him so that he can start the healing.  No matter what your heart's desire God will bring you to his side when you start to worship in his name.

Deacon Tanya E. Partin Lawton
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Today my husband and I were having a conversation after he found out I was up and got back in bed with me.  He loves to do that.  Well, we started to talk, as we like to do and we started talking about how he interrupts and how I talk on and on.  Well, it got a little spicey and he got up and left the room still talking and I came after him ready to rebut whatever he was saying.  We kept going and going.

All this was in the span of about 15 minutes!  We had started to point fingers at one another and talking about counseling along with just not talking to each other, period.  

Wow!  Did we really need to go in this direction?!  That is a question that you must ask yourself and hopefully you find the right answer.

We both walked out on the terrace together, actually, I was following him to keep talking.  The sun was out so bright.  I asked him if we can try another form of communication and all of a sudden we were smiling at each other and laughing and hugging!!

What happened??!  We let it go.  We got out in that sun on our terrace and God simply changed our hearts.  Yes, God did that between us, we did nothing.  What we should have done was stop, pray and repent.  As a matter of fact, it would be Acts 2:38.  We need to just change our minds on being evil to one another and give God the glory.

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The Gift From God

Without Souls

Missing Children — The Gift from God

By: Tanya E. Partin-Lawton
Genre: Religion
Keywords: True Story, Religious, History, Scary, Surprising, Strange, Covenants

Without Souls is a consummate find and prayerfully will be considered a significant piece of American literature one day, searching for a category of its own.

Without Souls is a consummate find and prayerfully will be considered a significant piece of American literature one day, searching for a category of its own. The darkest themes from topics, the truth, have been forbidden to speak since decades ago. They are all here, idling for a judgement they will never receive in this world, and even they know it.

You are about to undertake a once-in-a-lifetime jaunt into a forbidden place and a neglected time. You will review vintage documents from one of the most self-governing spaces and times in all American history, laced with original signatures of some of the most revered men in all antiquity and these Stygian times.

You will wade through Heads of State, Chief Executives, and Monarchs as you resolve for yourselves, for or against, the past, present, and future of this "Super Power."

Creations of religions, even Atheism, fighting in the name of the Anti-Christ, hate and destruction, while the hearts of men, all falsely headed by one who is to ultimately be exposed and wants to possess the throned seat of the Almighty ...

And through all of this, hope rears her lovely head, in a man named Jesus. He's a man, with the Spirit of the living God in him, doing the will of God, and he saved us from all this. Unlock the book and all will see.

Herein lies the history of many Americans who spoke of religion in their lifetimes, including President Thomas Jefferson, and atheist leader Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who was murdered along with her son and granddaughter.

About the Author: Deacon Tanya E(liz)abeth Partin Lawton is from Boston, Massachusetts. This is her third book.
Fighting for Our Right to be "Good"

Fighting for Our Right to be "Good"

$ 13.50 USD

All of a sudden I felt myself reaching for that watch. I grabbed it slowly and hurried it into my pocket. I never could afford nice things and something said ‘you can have it now’. I started to look around slowly because I felt eyes on me. No one was looking but those eyes…I felt them and then I started to fell every eye in the store fixed on me. These would go so good with my outfit – I just couldn’t stop now. As I was shaking in my stilettos while stealing I went out of the doors of the store praying the alarm doesn’t go off. I knew who was really watching. We all do when we are engaging in sin. We know that God is watching (Jeremiah 1:12) and we know we will reap what we’ve sewn and be punished by the Almighty, any moment now with a lightning bolt (we think). We know this to be true, it could actually happen. It could but it isn’t likely, though sin will keep us from going home to the Father. When we are called to account we will be found wanting without the salvation we have in Christ.

"Found in a Garbage Can" Generation X

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